Among many principles that shape up and craft low-code platforms, the best one to consider is model-driven development. It is the main concept and component in working with low code, which creates a unique point and eases the process making of software. What is it and how does the Mendix low code platform provide it for the users? Here are things you should know!

What Is The Model-Driven Development

The idea behind the creation or improvement in low code comes as Mendix try to improve communication and collaboration between business domain experts and software developer. It means the language and information are eased up, made simpler, and visually based. It means enhancing the app without making both sides have a hard time.

That is why model-driven development turns into great points in its process. The platform implements the uses of template, drag and drop, visual, and no code principles. Thus, every process is easier, has fewer miss-step, is quick, and is spot on. They are all factors that make the business stay on the market and competition.

What Make It Works?

  • Visual-Based Model

The main point in Mendix low code platform is the use of a visual or graphical interface. The model is more abstract and away from the code. Instead of using the language of code, the process uses drag and drop process with a building block model. It also uses an automation model that helps process the top drag-and-drop visual development process.

  • Bridge The Language Of Creator And Business

The points of using visual and less complex creation processes are to bridge the language of developer and business. The use of graphics makes business people understand and visualize what they want. At the same time, the creator can link how the design work with the business. Both are essential in developing proper software.

  • No Code, more open, and abstract

The said three factors are the key to Mendix low code platform. Those are the aspects that make the platform easier to use, and understandable for both businesses and developers alike, plus attract potential integration and adaptation in future innovation. It makes the program fit with the need and be distinctive compared to others.

If you put in mind the easy-to-use and quick-to-make process in Mendix, the low code and its model-driven do work at their best. It makes the product attractive for the young developer or business owner who wants to make software without hassle. But is that mean everything is easy to the bone? No. Consider working with Soltius Indonesia to guide and help with the implementation.

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What Is Model Driven Development In Mendix Low Code Platform?
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